Filler-Capper-Labeler mod. HAM-3-OP Ausere

The best solution for small speed capacities:

Available to fill viscous or fluid liquids in capacities from 30 cc to 5 liter. Filler by volumetric and/or gravity system, providing three filling nozzles.

All parts in contact with the liquid and external protections are built in stainles steel.

Main tank controlled by an automatic valve and electronic sensors to keep a constant level in the tank.

Bottle sensors installed at the infeed and discharge conveyors to stop the machine.

It’s provided with 2 meters of bottle conveyor.

Capper: For screw-on, push-on and pilfer-proof cap. This machine features cap feeder, cap hopper, vertical cap guide and capping head.

Labeler: It is possible to couple a labeling head in the same machine or install a labeling station at the end of the line as shown at the picture.

As this monoblock, we could supply a similar equipment to fill and cap exclusivity small capacity bottles (miniatures) with productions up to 6.000 bph.

MODEL 1/4 L 1/2 L 1 L 5 L
HAM-3-OP 900 800 650 240